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Sundattam Tamil DVD Movie Watch Online

Movie:Sundattam Tamil DVD Movie Watch Online
Cast:Irfan, Arundhati
Production: Murali
Music: Sai Karthik
Release Year:2013

Prabha, a happy-go-lucky guy, to whom the world is the game of carrom, earns the wrath of a local gang headed by Guna after having locked horns with his men. It is later that he comes to learn that Guna is don Bakkiya's sidekick. Meanwhile, Prabha falls head over heels for his sister's best friend Kalai. However, Kalai's brother, an angry cop who has been suspended for manhandling a criminal, doesn't like the idea of seeing his sister with Prabha. Destiny has it; Prabha beats Kasi, a drug-addict, hands down in the game of carrom. The win not only earns him a reputation, but also wins him the admiration and friendship of Bakkiya and his gang. Having lost to a young player, Kasi yearns to kill Prabha. Don Bakkiya too has a sworn enemy, who wants him dead. How will Prabha save his life from the clutches of Kasi? Who is Bakkiya's enemy and why does he want him dead? And most importantly, will Prabha get to live happily ever after with Kalai? This forms the rest of the story.

Chandamama Tamil DVD Movie Watch Online

Movie:Chandamama Tamil DVD Movie Watch Online
Cast: Karunas,Swetha Basu
Direction: Radhakrishnan
Production: Murali
Music: Srikanthdeva
Release Year:2013

Santhanakrishnan aka Chandamama is a wannabe writer who buys up his own books from the market. He has loving parents who are willing to go to any length to fund their son’s lifestyle. Mary is an orphan, an industrious girl, who, along with her friends, sells portable fans. Chandamama steps in when Mary’s groom stands her up at the altar. Love happens. And you settle into your seat hoping Classic Cinemas’ Chandamama

Onbadhule Guru Tamil DVD Movie Watch Online

Movie:Onbadhule Guru Tamil DVD Movie Watch Online
Cast:Vinai, Premji, Lakshmi Rai
Release Year:2013

Plot: It makes no qualms of narrating a wafer-thin predictable story of four guys named after popular Tamil films Billa (Vinay), Kochadaiyaan (Aravind Akash), Guru (Charms), Ranga (Sathyan) and who are fed up of their wives and decide to take a break, go for a holiday and lead a bachelors life. They set off to Bangalore where they meet Charles (Premji) an old friend and Sanjana (Lakshmi Rai).

Sillunu Oru Sandhippu Tamil DVD Movie Watch Online

Movie:Sillunu Oru Sandhippu Tamil DVD Movie Watch Online
Cast:Vimal, Oviya, Dipa Shah
Music:FS Faizal
Director:Ravi Lallin
Release Year:2013

The Director waits no time to introduce 12th standard students, Vimal and Oviya, full of puppy love. Vimal flirts his usual innocent looks to impress Oviya and they fall in love madly, and yes as usual elope with intention of marrying. Flash forwarding, the scenes turn abrupt with Vimal a US return dude finding love again in the form of Dipa. The couple gets closer with the help of their family, but their ideologies appear as North and South Pole. The movie gets several bits fitting in now and then, with a friend of Dipa getting married off and Charuhasan's divorce all these makes us faintly wonder where they will fit in. Eventually the couple gets married off, however Dipa comes to know of Vimal's puppy love with Oviya and all hell breaks loose. What happens later forms the crux.

ABCD Tamil DVD Movie Watch Online

Movie:ABCD Tamil DVD Movie Watch Online
Cast:Prabhu Deva, Ganesh Acharya
Director:Remo D'souza
Release Year:2013

After having a bitter disagreement with his friend and manager Jehangir Khan (Kay Kay Menon) about the latter's blatant abuse of power and influence to win a dance competition called "Dance Dil Se" for his team JDC (Jehangir Dance Company), the choreographer of the dance company, Vishnu (Prabhu Deva), quits his job. At first he wants to return home to Chennai, but his friend Gopi (Ganesh Acharya) persuades him to stay in Mumbai with him. After witnessing some underprivileged local youngsters' dancing abilities at a religious celebration, Vishnu decides to start his own dance group with them. The main challenges for Vishnu are the lack of discipline among the dancers and the rivalry between the two factions in the group lead by D (Dharmesh Yelande) and Rocky (Salman Yusuff Khan). There is also Chandu, a drug addict trying to overcome his addiction through dance and Riya (Lauren Gottlieb), who was JDC's star pupil until Jehangir tried to take advantage of her. Riya later joins Vishnu's team. How they manage to overcome their individual limitations and how they battle it out on India's top dance show "Dance Dil Se" is the crux of the movie.

Haridas Tamil DVD Movie Watch Online

Movie:Haridas Tamil DVD Movie Watch Online
Cast:Kishore, Sneha
Music:Vijay Antony Director:G.N.R.Kumaravelan
Release Year:2013

Sivadas (Kishore) the daring cop who gets ruthless against the local goon Aadhi (Pradeep Rawat) and is just miles away from nabbing the crook. However he is forced to leave the force for a while to take care of his autistic son, Haridas (Prithviraj Das) because of an unfortunate matter. With much difficulty he enrolls Haridas in a normal school where Amudhavalli (Sneha) is a teacher specialized to deal with special children. Kishore dwells into the character of Sivadas a sorry father for not sparing time to his family, when it mattered most and tries to understand his son's problem step by step. He understands the fact that Autism is not a disease to brood over, it just needs the extra affection and care rather than feeling sympathetic. Over a period of time the bonding between the teacher and the student blossoms like a bright sunflower. Does the father succeed in lodging a room in his son's imagination, what happens forms the rest of the play.

Kadal Tamil DVD Movie Watch Online

Movie:Kadal Tamil DVD Movie Watch Online
Cast:Gautham Karthik, Thulasi Nair, Arjun, Arvind Swamy
DIrector:Mani Ratnam
Release Year:2013
DVD quality

Good quality

Berchmans (Arjun), a brilliant but unruly student, is thrown out of his seminary for committing the sin of the flesh after being caught red-handed by fellow student Sam Fernando (Arvind Swami). Blaming the good-hearted Sam for his ouster, Berchmans vows revenge and challenges to prove that evil does reign supreme in this world. Sam finishes his education and training and arrives at a village as the new Father of the local church. A local boy named Thomas of this village who is the illegitimate son of a local fisherman (Ponvannan) has grown up in a rough neighbourhood, following the death of his mother and thus being forced to fend for himself. Father Sam takes the run down church and the sceptic villagers in his stride and soon starts bringing about changes. Through a series of incidents, he also manages to get the unruly Thomas under his control and gets him to learn the tricks of the fishing trade from the villagers. The film fast forwards a few years when Thomas is now all grown up (Gautham Karthik) and is very close to Father Sam who is now a well respected person in the village. Thomas comes across Bea (short for Beatrice) (Thulasi Nair) when she's running away from her convent school group who had gotten her admitted to hospital. They keep running into each other a few times and Thomas comes to like her presence. Meanwhile, as Father Sam is meditating on the remote beach, he hears a few gunshots on the sands. On investigation, he finds an unconscious Berchmans in the waters. On seeing that the shooters are still lurking around trying to finish their job of killing Berchmans, he pulls him to safety into an abandoned ship, and takes care of his bullet injuries with the help of a local village woman as well as a woman Celina (Lakshmi Manchu) from a distant village that Berchmans asks him to get. A few villagers including Ponvannan who see Father Sam running around in the dark with the 2 women get suspicious and accuse the three of sleeping together. They call the Bishop, upon whose interrogation, Celina admits to the sin, and Father Sam gets unfairly implicated. One of the villagers also gets killed in the ensuing mêlée and Father Sam gets sentenced to 4 years rigorous imprisonment. Berchmans visits Father Sam in prison and admits he got the woman to implicate him falsely, to prove that evil will always triumph. When Father Sam returns from prison, he discovers Thomas has fallen in cahoots with the evil Berchmans in his smuggling trade and has committed many sins in his desire to make the village people bow before him. Thomas and Bea have also fallen in love with each other and come to seek Father Sam's blessings. Thomas subsequently gets to know that Bea is none other than the estranged daughter of Berchmans, who does not want to have to do anything with her. Thomas takes Bea to Berchmans' house to trigger some long-lost memories when she recalls all the previous horrific incidents of her father Berchmans, including the one of killing her mother. Berchmans gets angry with all this and abducts both Father Sam and Bea in his boat and goes out to sea with an intent to kill them both. However even after a few feeble attempts, the self-professed son of Satan who disavows all family attachment, is unable to get himself to kill his daughter. Thomas comes chasing them and after a long drawn fight amongst the three, Thomas and Father Sam together manage to subdue the evil Bergmans. The movie ends on a note that good finally triumphs over evil, whether it be Father Sam and Thomas' triumph over Berchmans, Thomas' own suppressing of his bad inclination and re-joining forces with Father Sam, or Berchmans' good nature coming out in his inability to kill his daughter.

Vana Yuddham Tamil DVD Movie Watch Online

Movie:Vana Yuddham Tamil DVD Movie Watch Online
Cast:Arjun, Kishore, Vijayalakshmi
Music:Sandeeo Chowta
Release Year:2013
DVD quality

David Tamil Movie Watch Online

Movie: David Tamil Movie Watch Online
Cast: Vikram, Jeeva, Lara DUtta, Tabu
Music: Miceky McCleary
DIrector: Bejoy Nambiar
Release Year: 2013
Language: Tamil

The story is about two Davids. David (Vikram) is a 30 year old fisherman living in Goa. David who is a carefree drunkard getting involved in pub fights and other unwanted activities falls for his friends deaf and mute fiance Roma (Isha Sharvani). Meanwhile, the other David (Jiiva), is a 19 year old guitarist living in Mumbai. He hates his dad Father Noel (Nassar) for his philanthropist attitude. Meanwhile, an MLA attacks his dad and beats him up mercilessly with a group of people accusing that Noel is trying to convert everyone into Christianity. David learns that it was for the purpose of cheap publicity and he goes on trying to reach her. The two Davids are about to take a decision which will change their lives forever.

Kalla Thuppakki Watch Online

Movie:Kalla Thuppakki Watch Online
Cast:    Vikky, Vijith, Prabhakaran, Thamizhselvan, Kutty Anand, Shavanthika
Music:SK Balachandran
Release Year:2013

Four students (Viccy, Prabhakaran, Anand, SB Tamil Selvan) are rebels without a cause. They are always at loggerheads with their PT master (Sampath Ram) and his daughter (Sravanthika).

They want to somehow create problems for the strict master but ends up in trouble when they are kidnapped along with the master’s daughter by a Chennai-based gang who are into theft, and other nefarious activities.

And the root cause is an expensive antique gun, which the boys mistake for a Kalla Thuppakki (fake-gun) and stole when they were on a trip to Chennai!!

Alex Pandian Watch Online

Movie: Alex Pandian
Cast: Karthick, Anushka, Santhanam
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Director: Suraj
Release Year: 2013


The film starts with Alex Pandian (Karthi) and Divya (Anushka Shetty) jumping of a train in an attempt to escape the goons who are seeking to kill them. Three days later, Alex enters Kaalayan's (Santhanam) house with many comedy scenes. Meanwhile, Divya is receiving treatment whilst Alvin Martin (Milind Soman) and Dr. GKM (Suman) are in search for the two. Upon finding Alex and Divya, the goons chase them. Kaalayan demands to know who Divya is. It happens to be that Divya is the daughter of CM (Visu). Alex, a local thief, is asked to kidnap Divya for 3 day so that the CM would sign the papers which would allow Dr. GKM and Alvin Martin to distribute fake medicines with devastating side affects. Alex brings her and keeps her as a hostage in a forest. On the 3rd day, as Alex is driving back, Divya explains the reason for why she was asked to be kidnapped and thus requests him to take her back to her father. Alex changes his mind and decides to save Divya. The film shifts back to the present and by now, Divya has fallen in love with Alex. As fate would have it, the goons arrive at their hiding place. The film ends with Alex killing the villains and reuniting with Divya.

Viswaroopam Tamil Movie Review

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Timesofap Rating:3.25/5
Cast: Kamal Hassan, Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah, Shekar Kapur, Rahul Bose, Nasser etc
Story : Kamal Hassan, Atul Tiwari
Director Kamal Hassan
Music and BGM : Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Cinematography : Sanu Varghese
Editing :  Mahesh Narayanan
Producer : Kamal Hassan, Prasad V Potluri
Banner : Raaj Kamal Films International, PVP Cinema
Release Date : January 25, 2013

Kamal Hassan's biggest-ever film Viswaroopam, which has been delayed for one or the other reason, has seen the light of day in foreign countries but not in Tamil Nadu and other Southern states as the High Court has stayed the release after several Muslim groups raised objection.

After a gap of three years, Kamal Hassan is back with Viswaroopam, which is written, directed and produced by himself. The film was supposed to be directed by Selvaraghavan but as the director walked out of the film due to other commitments, Kamal took the responsibility of directing the film. The film is simultaneously made in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.


The movie starts in America. Viswanath (Kamal Hassan), who will be seen as Kathak trainer, is surrounded by girls and one among them is Andrea Jeremiah. This makes Dr Nirupama (Pooja Kumar) to doubt on her hubby's character and hires a detective, who gets killed by Al-Qaeda group. The Al-Qaeda is planning to plant a Nuclear Bomb in New York and Kamal Hassan is well-aware of it. How? He has a past where he has a connection with the terrorist group, which is headed by Omar (Rahul Bose).

Will the terrorist organisation succeed in their mission? What role does Kamal play? Is he a terrorist or an undercover agent? To know all these, you should watch the film. The story of the film begins on a slow note but it is gripping. The first half is entirely shot in the US, and keeps you engaged and generate a lot of curiosity. When it comes to second half, the narration is dragging at parts but gets interesting with Kamal Hassan's past getting revealed

Performances :

The man, who has done countless experimental roles and called as the modern-day Stanislavsky of Tamil cinema, is brilliant. Be it in his avatar of Kathak dancer with feminine qualities, or in the role of a terrorist, he proves again why he is the best when it comes to acting. He looks terrific in the Jihadi warrior getup.Once again Kamal Hassan has delivered a realistic and a classy performance and it will be delight for the audience to watch an
actor like him on the big screen.

Pooja Kumar is a new find and she looks promising. She is sexy and adds glam quotient to the film.

Andrea Jeremiah has not got a big role and her role is not well described.

Shekhar Kapur did a decent job and Bollywood actor Rahul Bose is good as a baddie. His dubbing could have been much better. Jaideep Ahlawat, Nassar and Zarina Wahab have done their job.

Technical Aspects:

The director has come up with an interesting storyline and while the presentation was rich, the narrative was engaging.  The dialogues were neat and sensible. Of all technical aspects, Sanu Varghese's cinematography stands tall, as he has done a brilliant job.

He has wonderfully captured some of the rarest locales of Afghanistan. Shankar Ehsaan Loy's two songs are good and background score is excellent. Especially, it is a treat to watch the Jet Fighter scenes on Auro 3D sound format. However, Mahesh Narayanan's editing would have been better had he reduced the length of the film.


Firstly Kamal Hassan must be appreciated for his sincere effort, as always. The way he narrated the movie is completely brilliant and the technical aspect like cinematography and action sequences are well executed. Tittle song is good and it looked much effective at the time of first fight. Entire theater was filled with claps and whistles for this sequence, as everyone liked to see Kamal Hassan as an action hero rather a classical dancer.

Kamal Hassan tried to show some sensible elements especially in the Afghanistan episode. Scenes between Omar's (Rahul) interaction with his family and his guilt after knowing that he has lost his family are touching. Vishwaroopam doesn't have a huge star cast but every one has done their job well. It was good to see the famous director Shekar Kapur on big screen.

Viswaroopam might not go well with the masses but this film has been made with highly technical values and will remain as one of the better film of Legendary Actor Kamal Hassan.


Kamal Hassan brilliant in this film
Pooja Kumar performance
Especially the cinematography and the action sequences
Excellent Screenplay in Second Half


Dead Slow Sometimes
Lack of entertainment

Final Word:
Good thriller with nice execution, Brilliant cinematography and superbly shot action sequences are major assets for the film.for action film lovers and the rest can watch for Kamal Hassan

Neethaane En Ponvasantham -DVD Watch Online

Movie: Neethaane En Ponvasantham -DVD Watch Online
Starring: Jiva, Samantha
Director: Gautham Menon
Music: Illaiyaraja
Release Year:2012



The film begins with Varun (Jiiva) gaining admission into an engineering college, with his best friend Prakash (Santhanam). He and his friends one day participate in a cultural programme, where Varun finds his childhood sweetheart Nithya (Samantha) participating in a dance show. He begins wooing her by singing on stage and later meeting her. As they meet, the film rewinds to their early days when both were in third standard. They become good friends after a small incident and their friendship blossoms. But due to a misunderstanding, Nithya decides not to meet Varun and to never talk with him. However, as destiny would have it, they meet again in their tenth standard. Nithya initially hesitates to talk with Varun, but sheds her inhibitions once Varun breaks the ice between them, and resumes her friendship with him. Nithya is elected as the pupil leader in school and as a pupil leader she is in constant interaction with Deepak, another pupil leader and her classmate, much to the dismay of Varun. As a result, they have another fallout.

The film moves to their current meeting in the college. Both forget their past misgivings and become friends again. This time, they fall in love. During the vacations, Nithya leaves India and Varun is left for himself. Varun's elder brother Harish (Ravi Prakash) who works in a software company, wants to marry his colleague and confesses the same to his parents. His parents oblige by offering to negotiate with the girl's parents. However, his parents are humiliated at the negotiations. Varun, in the process of consoling them, realises that despite their embarrassment, his brother and parents care about him rather than themselves. He then decides to take his studies more seriously and begins preparing for the CAT exam. Nithya comes back to India and sees Varun not spending enough time with her due to his busy schedule. Nithya too initially understands his situation. However, when she learns that Varun is going to IIM Kozhikode, she too proposes to go with him. Varun rejects her demand, saying that he is going to stay in a hostel, as staying outside in a rented house would be too costly for his family. This leads to a heated argument between the two and eventually ends in another break-up between them.

After graduating from IIM and landing a job, Varun goes about finding Nithya. Accompanied by Prakash and Jenny (Vidyullekha), he goes to Manapad, where Nithya is working as a school teacher at a tsunami relief camp. Nithya refuses to talk to him even after many attempts by Varun to start a conversation. When he finally gets her to talk, she rejects his advances, saying that she is happy with her current position. Varun, disgusted at her rejection, leaves the place. After some days, Nithya invites Varun to her sister's marriage. At the same time, Varun also mentions that he is about to get married and it is then Nithya who realises the magnitude of the deepening rift between them. Shocked and surprised at this sudden development, Nithya realises that she couldn't fully understand Varun and breaks down before her sister. However, to the surprise of Varun, she attends his reception, which makes him think twice about his marriage. With his father's help, he realises that he cannot devote his love and heart to anyone other than Nithya. So he breaks his current engagement with the consent of his father and goes to Nithya's home to win back her confidence. Nithya too apologizes to Varun about her past behavior. The film ends with a note being shown that they are happily married, ever quarreling with each other and loving each other.

Sattam Oru Iruttarai -DVD Watch Online

Movie:Sattam Oru Iruttarai -DVD Watch Online
Starring: THaman Kumar, Bindu Madhavi, Piaa Bajpai
Director: Sneha Britto
Music: Vijay Antony
Release Year:2012


The original story of the film is about the hero who wishes to avenge the killers of his parents' death. The 2012 version, is the story of Thaman, who plays the lead, wanting to avenge the killers of his girlfriend's death, while Reemma, who plays a righteous cop, and sister to Thaman, wants to capture him with evidence

Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom-DVD Watch Online

Movie:Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom-DVD Watch Online
Starring: Vijay Sethupathi, Gayathri, Bagavathi Perumal
Director: Balaji Tharaneetharan
Music: Ved Shankar
Release Year:2012

Prem Kumar (Vijay Sethupathi) is all set to get married to his lover Dhanalakshmi (Gayathri). Two days before his wedding, Prem decides to try his hand at playing cricket with his friends - Bagavathi (Bagavathi Perumal), Balaji (Rajkumar) and Saras (Vigneswaran). The game gets little serious and Prem in a bid to catch a ball falls down only to get injured in his head. He quickly gets back on his toes as the injury is not serious. But soon after the match, the friends are in for a shock. Due to the injury, Prem develops short term memory loss wherein,he remembers the chain of events which leads to the injury but forgets the last one year of his life.He remembers his life till college and recognizes his friends, but is clueless about his upcoming wedding. Fearing trouble, his friends take him to a doctor, who says that he could recover anytime. Hence, his friends plan to keep him in their company, enact all drama till he ties the wedding knot, with a hope that he would get back his memory soon. The sequence of events wherein the friends try to hide Prem's problem to his parents, lover and take him to wedding hall, convince him to marry Dhanalakshmi, brings the roof down with laughter.

Thuppakki-DVD Watch Online

Movie:Thuppakki-DVD Watch Online
Starring: Vijay, Kajal Aggarwal, Jayaram
Director: A.R.Murugadoss
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Release Year:2012

The movie begins with Jagdish (Vijay), a captain in the Indian Army, returning to Mumbai from Kashmir. On his arrival, he is forced by his parents and younger sisters into seeing Nisha (Kajal Aggarwal), a girl of their choice for their son to get married to. At the bride-viewing ceremony, Jagdish makes up excuses to avoid marrying her, such as commenting that she is old-fashioned. On the contrary, Nisha turns out to be a college-level boxer who is completely modern in outlook. Jagdish realises this and falls for her, which she reciprocates.

One day, while hanging out with his police officer-friend Balaji (Sathyan), Jagdish witnesses the explosion of a bus in which they had travelled. He captures the man who planted the bomb in that bus and soon finds out that he is a mere pawn (a sleeper cell) whose only role was in planting the bomb and that the terrorist group he belongs to have planned various such attacks in the city in a couple of days. Enlisting the help of his fellow Army men and Balaji, Jagdish manages to thwart these attacks.

When the leader of the terrorist group (Vidyut Jamwal) finds out about the role of Jagdish in the failure of the terrorist attack, he begins to target the families of the Army men (except Jagdish), kidnapping someone close to them. When Jagdish finds out, he substitutes one of the people to be kidnapped with his younger sister. Using his pet dog and his sister's dupatta, he manages to reach the terrorists' hideout, rescuing his sister (who was about to be killed after Jagdish's bluff was exposed) and the others and killing the terrorists.

With this attack too failed, the terrorist leader decides to target Jagdish himself. He asks Jagdish to surrender to him, failing which there would be more terrorist attacks. Jagdish decides to sacrifice his life and hatches a plan with his fellow Army men. Jagdish meets the leader in a ship, which has been rigged with a bomb planted by Jagdish's henchman. When he finds out about the leader's plan however (which is to expose Jagdish's Army team as terrorists), he fights the leader and escapes with him in a boat. After the ship explodes, he kills the leader.

The movie ends with Jagdish and his team returning to Kashmir.

Kumki-DVD Watch Online

Movie:Kumki-DVD Watch Online
Starring: Vikram Prabhu,Lakshmi Menon,Thambi Ramaiah
Director: Prabu Solomon
Producer: Ronnie Screwvala,N. Subash Chandra,Bose
Banner: Thirupathi Brothers
Music: D. Imman
Release Year:2012



Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


Boman [Vikram Prabhu] shares a great rapport with his elephant, Manickam and both lives together. Temporarily, Boman heads to a tribal village Aadhi Kaadu to save one of his well-wishers and due to circumstances pretends his elephant Manickam to be kumki and helps the villagers in chasing wildlife elephants from the village.

Meanwhile, Boman happens to see Alli [Lakshmi Menon], daughter of village head and falls for her. As the story proceeds, there occurs a situation where Boman and Manickam have to chase a wild and mischievous elephant called Komban, which either destroys houses or crops of people every year.

Did Kumki and Boman succeeded in chasing Komban? Will the villagers get rid of Kamban? Forms the crux of Kumki…

Podaa Podi DVD Watch Online

Movie:Podaa Podi DVD Watch Online
Cast:Silambarasan, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar
Music:DHaran Kumar
Director:Vignesh Shivan
Release Year:2012

Plot: Arjun (Silambarasan), an animation artist living in London with his uncle (Ganesh), meets Nisha (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar) in a London pub. She is an aspiring dancer who is living with her aunt (Shobana). After going around together for a day, Nisha proposes a relationship and Arjun agrees. Arjun hates Nisha attending salsa classes with her friend Mojo as her partner. However, he agrees to marry her. After their wedding, Nisha makes it clear that she still wants to dance and enter the UK competition 'Let's Dance', and make a career for herself. Arjun suddenly discovers that he is, at bottom, a "Pachai Thamizhan" who believes that a woman's place is in the home (preferably the kitchen, but she has the freedom to walk from one room to another if she wants). On the advice of his uncle, he makes her pregnant, so that she stays away from dancing. Birth of their first child brings happiness to their family. They go to Hong Kong's Disneyland for a tour. After the tour, in a family conversation, Arjun's uncle mentions his “advice” of making Nisha pregnant so that she would not dance anymore. Realising that the child was the result of Arjun’s cheap plan and not love towards her, Nisha walks out. Arjun tries to console her, but gets angry when she meets a friend who greets her with a hug. Arjun goes and starts fighting with her friend, while she pleads him to stop. Then, a car comes and kills their baby. They separate and live in sorrow. After several months, Arjun comes to Nisha and pleads her aunt to make her come back. She comes back, on the condition that she continues dancing. Arjun beats up her partner Mojo, so that she will be left without a partner and leave the competition. She convinces Arjun to be her partner, but his steps fail in the first round. Impressed by Nisha dancing skills, judges give her another chance, provided she changes her partner. Arjun convinces her to do a “kuthu” dance, which impresses the judges. But she is not happy, because they have to clear 14 rounds to win the competition. Suddenly, Arjun decides to make her pregnant again. The movie ends with both of them living with their new child.

Aarohanam Tamil DVD Watch Online

Movie:Aarohanam Tamil DVD Watch Online
Cast:Viji Chandrasekhar, Jayaprakash
Director:Laksnmy Ramakrishnan
Release Year:2012

Plot: And it begins in an intriguing way too: two socialites, Sandy (Rajee Vijayasarathy) and Jay (Uma Padmanabhan) each busily sharing details of their lives, are on their way to the launch of Sandy's website when they accidentally run over a woman. As the two horrified women screech to a halt, the story unfolds of the woman they have almost run over. Nirmala (Viji Chandrasekhar) has brought up her children Selvi (Jai Queheni) and Senthil (Veeresh) by doing odd jobs over the years like selling insurance at one time and vegetables at another. She has put up with her husband's ill-natured rants, his eventual separation, and a thousand other travails. And then, one day, just before her daughter's engagement, she vanishes. Viji Chandrasekhar shines as a woman who suffers from extreme mood-swings, even as she ploughs through life filled with the determination to succeed.

Ammavin Kaipesi Tamil DVD Watch Online

Movie:Ammavin Kaipesi Tamil DVD Watch Online Cast:Shanthnu Bhagyaraj, Iniya Music:Rohit Kulkarni Director:Thangar Bachan Release Year:2012
  Plot: The story is woven around a mobile phone, which Thankar says connects people by voice and helps to have new relationships and maintain them. A mother has nine children, but she lives in a situation, which separates her from the children. The only way she could be in touch with them and hear their voices is a mobile phone. She regards her mobile phone as the representative of her children and has become possessive of it. Her last son is Shanthanoo and his lover is Iniya. The film also registers the strong bonding between the mother and her last son.


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